What is Webbing?

The mode of carrying and protecting equipment that a soldier needs in battle, such as ammunition, grenades, knives, food, etc.


It is very easy for a production to overlook this very important section of the film.

It has been our aim to introduce a sub-department into more productions to cater for the webbing needs, with our accurate and specialist knowledge enabling the correct assignment of webbing to a weapon.

Your cast members and extras will come from wardrobe/ costume in their uniform, boots and head gear.  They will then enter the webbing department, where they will be issued with the webbing that relates to the weapon with which they have been trained.  The staffing of this department can range from two, for a film like 'Blood Diamond', up to ten for 'Saving Private Ryan'.

Different weapons, different webbing, different periods, different styles.
Films for which we supplied a webbing department are 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Band of Brothers', 'Sahara', 'Cold Mountain', 'Blood Diamond'.