Each period has its own style of sword.

Over the years, we have made countless swords for many different periods.
As well as making background swords, we specialise in designing and manufacturing the 'Hero' swords.  These must work for an actor, i.e. he/she must feel comfortable with the sword, be able to draw it, be able to run up stairs with it if necessary, etc. After this process, we will finish the design and decoration and then make sure all is agreed with the production before we go on to the final manufacture.

The sword is the easy part.  What takes up the most time and money is the belt and scabbard, which are vital to complete the look of the weapon. We undertake all this work in our own workshops.

Some of the more well known swords we have designed and crafted are:

William Wallace Sword with Shield
  • The William Wallace sword in 'Braveheart'.
  • The Maximus and Proximo swords in 'Gladiator'.
  • The Hector, Achilles, and Sword of Troy swords in 'Troy'.
  • The Sword of Ibelin in 'Kingdom of Heaven'.
  • D'Artagnan's and the Musketeers' swords in 'The Three Musketeers'.
  • The 'Sword of Eragon'.