It is sometimes very hard for Producers and Art Departments to have a clear idea about weaponry that might be required for a film.  Our in-depth research and breaking down of a script will produce a report that will be invaluable for achieving the correct look for this aspect of a project.

We pride ourselves on our excellent pictorial reference library and we will always endeavour to achieve an authentic look, whilst at the same time taking into account the artistic requirements of the Director and Art Department.

We can provide designs and prototypes for futuristic productions as well as historical ones.  We have many contacts in Museums and specialist weapons units who we are able to consult if required.  In this way we have been able to bring forward ideas and suggestions to the Director and writers which they may have overlooked.

We are also able to give personal training to your actors in the use of the various weapons, and/or guide you to the best people you need to do this.