As with webbing, most Police equipment is distinctive to the job which that particular officer has to undertake.

With the increased threat of terrorism in our present society, Police forces have taken on a more tactical look.

We have an excellent reference library and extensive range of equipment for police forces around the world and we are currently updating this.

As well as carrying regular duty gear, most policemen now tend to carry their own personalized equipment as in multi tools, mobile phones, PPP (personal protection packs), etc.
No two Police officers look the same.  Each Police officer in each county, in each country, has a different look. So in order to make your project look accurate it is worth doing the research.

Police forces are divided into different branches.  As an example, the English Police force is divided into:

Beat Officers | Armed Response Units/SO19 | Specialist Firearms Units/SO19 | Criminal Investigation/CID | Traffic Division/TO14 | SOCO/Forensic Department | Special Branch/SO12 | Diplomatic